Welcome to Vocational School of Justice of Kadir Has University
It is known that courts and legal bodies and also legal departments of banks and legal firms need qualified and versatile manpower. Vocational School Of Justice of Kadir Has University is founded by 05.01.2012 dated decision of Council of Higher Education to educate manpower expected by legal structures and private firms.  
Number and type of courts increased recently by the increase of demand to reach justice; established new courts such as district supreme courts; new structures and positions are committed.  The employee number is increasing in growing and varying judicial organization. Qualified manpower is sought in field of legal structures and also legal department of banks and law firms. In this context, there are many work possibilities for graduated of Vocational School of Justice.  Alumnae have opportunity to study law faculty in accordance to related legislation hereby work in different bodies.

In Kadir Has University Vocational School of Justice which is founded by the deliberated believe of importance of impact of legal services employees to just and fair trail, aimed to convey theoretical and practical information to students to make them qualified employers just by they start to work. In education curriculum, it has been managed wide variety of lessons to ensure opportunity to specializing in different fields and it has been filled with theoretical and practical information to ensure adaption to reel work conditions.  Professors and teaching staff have been set up with field experts and sector specific experienced educators. In this context, all teaching staff, curriculum, mandatory and elective lessons, vocational training and all other matters have been managed and organized delicately and carefully.     
In accordance to explained basics, our main aim is to be successful in achievement of the target of educating manpower to meet the requirements of new established courts and legal services.